Michel vs Marlon Mack

Footclan! I received a trade offer for my Michel. It’s intriguing, but I hesitate because of Mack’s value.

Receive: Michael Thomas, Mack
Trade away: Davis, Michel, 2019 2nd



This is a close one. depends on your perception of Mack. I’m not a believer honestly don’t think he’ll be the lead back. Strong chance they just go out and pick up a murray/AP to be the lead closer to the season.

MT is a top 5 though in fantasy and that is an area where you do need some help. If Davis doesn’t work out like people think, then you’re running really thin there and adding MT secures your starting roster.

Although I am also a huge davis believer and Michel is my fav RB in the class not named Barkley so my personal opinion is a bit bias.

I think the smart move here is to take the trade and take MT but my heart says stick with Davis and Michel cause I am a believer and really don’t put much value on Mack if at all.

Sorry if not helpful but I think the trade is close enough where you could trust your gut and even if you lose a bit on the trade, it’s not the end of the world.

I like what I saw from Mack last year, but I’m just not sure if Indy believes in him. If we has healthy now and running with the first team, I’d be more confident.

The other RB I could ask for is Kerryon, but he hesitated to make the trade with him (over Mack). Would you do the trade with Kerryon?

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Yes - I would pull trigger in a heartbeat if it was Kerryon.


I would also do this deal if it were Kerryon instead of Mack. Otherwise – hard pass!

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@Ricky87 @MikeMeUpp yeah, he’s stern on keeping Kerryon, and I’ve tried explaining to him that Mack isn’t a sure thing. I love Michael Thomas, but this puts me in a tough spot.

I take the deal. Michael Thomas alone is worth making this trade. Mack or Johnson are just added bonuses. When else are you going to be able to get a top5 player in exchange for unproven talent?


Thanks @ty_nagy. No concern over depth if I do accept the deal? I should say this is a “two flex” league so I can start up to 4 RBs or WRs for a total of 6 skill players each week. Gurley and Mixon are solid, but if Mack or the GB backs don’t pan out, i may be in trouble.

I could also go after Jordan Wilkins as insurance in case Mack doesn’t get the role.

I’d take this deal, if you could keep your 2nd and swap that for a 3rd for better capital next year great if not then pull the trigger.

You’d have Gurley, Mixon, Julio, Thomas, Tate as locks most weeks which is a pretty decent 5 out of 6 if you ask me. Michel i’d be just as hesitant with him as Mack, he’s on the Pats for one, he has ball security issues for two and Bill hates fumblers and the way the Pats run the offense especially with RBs you just can’t rely on week to week consistency which id much rather have over one or two blow up weeks and a load of busts. Thomas alone will give you top 5 numbers and consistency, pair him with the other guys and you’ve got a seriously strong set of skill players there, Like @ty_nagy says Thomas is a top 5 guy, the players you are giving up have proven nothing. Mack is a deal sweetener and could be a useful flex guy, i also think Aaron Jones will come good eventually for you this year.

Always get the best player in the trades don’t worry too much about having the potential, maybe guys you can always find them but having as much top talent as you would have if you did this deal is hard to come by


Yeah. What @James89 said haha.


@ty_nagy @James89 haha! He countered with this deal which includes Kerryon:

Davis, Michel, 2019 1st
For his Thomas, Kerryon, 2019 2nd

Or I just settle for the initial offer with Mack

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Easy pass. Michel and Davis still have major stud potential as well as high draft capital. Mack is a scat back at best and we know what Michael Thomas is. He’s good but he’ll come back to the WR2 pack this year after WR’s bounce back. I would not do either of these trades. Mack would have to pay off big time and Davis and your pick would have to bust. I’d rather have Davis and Michel and keep my first. Titans have a whole new high powered offense and Michel is the best RB they’ve had in ages. Trust your own judgment.

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That is close… i mean at this stage the 2019 picks are essentially dressing here as no one knows where they’ll end up and who is likely to be available or what they need etc.

Based on your league rosters where would you and your trade partner likely to be picking? Having two twos and some trade chip players would be enough to move into the first if needed. Again i would still say you wont be getting anyone near Thomas for a 2019 first at least not right away and based on your roster unless you get wiped out by injuries you wont be picking in the top 3.

I’d still do this, and the fact you will potentially end up with a three down or at least two down back on a decent offense next year plus a top WR and have enough to move into the 1st 2019 round if you wanted. If Davis and Michel don’t break out they will be worth very little next year. It’s up to you on the gamble of trading hype and potential for a proven stud, getting a rookie runner back is a nice bonus to me.

Michael Thomas has been a WR1 the last two years in the league he won’t be a WR2.

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Thanks for the feedback! I’m not sure where we’re picking yet because this is a new dynasty league… fresh off of the startup draft.

But if I acquired MT from him and Davis/Michel are average at best, his roster wouldn’t be as solid. It could be a high second. I’m assuming my roster will at least get me into the playoffs so My first should be mid late in the first round.

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That would be enough for me i’d get the stud and let him fill his roster with hype and potential, you’d have loads of locked in top guys for the next three years at least with plenty of potential on your own bench to wait on

I’m extremely surprised by these responses. I’d do this right now, and I’m not even a Mack believer (and am high on Michel, for the record). Thomas is a legit stud right now. No projection, no maybe, no if onlys. He’s a star today, and he’s only going to get better. Davis and Michel are nothing more than projections at this point, and I think Davis in particular was drafted into a sneakily bad situation (i don’t think Mariota is a very good passer, and I think there’s more competition for targets than most seem to want to admit).

I would also prefer Johnson to Mack if that’s an option, but the existing trade is a pretty easy yes for me.

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For me Mack and the 2nd pick don’t even come into consideration. This trade is essentially Michael Thomas for Corey Davis and Sony Michel.

I like both sides. Thomas for a contender and the other side for rebuilding specifically.

There is virtually no situation in which I’d consider taking Davis and Michel for Thomas.

Definitely take Thomas. He’s the best overall player out of everyone and now that Turbin has been suspended that helps Mack’s opportunity. Get the deal done before it’s gone!

@fun4willis @DFWB @hertel3k I hesitated and negotiated and he’s now pulling away from the offer. I’m trying to renegotiate and see if he’ll go with the initial offer.

Different scenario… Adams and Collins for the above package - is that just as good?