Michel vs Marlon Mack

Not as good, in my opinion. Slight downgrade at WR and slight uptick for RB (Adams and Collins respectively).

Yeah, even as a Packers fan I’m not sold on Adams at all. Maybe try to upgrade Collins more?

That sucks the deal is changing. I am not sure it is worse, and in a way it might be better. You are getting a WR1 on a solid offense and an RB who should be given the chance to lead the backfield, and even catches some balls. So, not as good (but not really far off IMHO) of a WR though still a WR1 and a better proven RB2 for hope.

While I am not thrilled with it, you are now definitely getting 2 weekly starters at least opening the season. Given how deep your starting roster is, I think it fills in gaps nicely. Especially with two WR1s in your starting line and then your impressive depth at the position to play clean up. Your RB situation is stronger as well with Collins since we have at least seen him. Gurley / Mixon / Collins should be every week starters, and you likely have some GB help as well.

Definitely not a slam dunk, but not bad. I would work the picks more into your favor on this, though. To me, the trade is closer than before but still tipped in your favor. I would not say you have to take it, but it certainly looks like your roster gets better because of it.

Like I said, the brain/smart thing to do would be to take thomas.

I just said I am too emotionally attached to davis and michel lol. It’s not the smart move.

You really think Adams is a downgrade from Davis? Lol I think it’s more the other way around.

Adams is a downgrade from Michael Thomas.

Maybe I misread something above. Thought the OP’s trade partner was now offering Adams and Collins instead of Thomas and Mack…

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Oh! Gotcha. Correct… it is a slight downgrade at WR. But for my team, it would still be an upgrade from Davis to either Thomas or Adams!

That’s a shame the original deal is gone, i agree not as good but as @octoberland says you are still getting 2 weekly starters and Adams will be another WR1 to pair with Julio. Starting Collins, Mixon and Gurley each week will be a nice spot to be in as well. If Collins really does shine early you could potentially get someone to bite on him and use as a trade chip to upgrade to a more proven guy, one with a longer contract and job security in hand or keep up to you.

I’d try and work the picks around though, see if you can keep your 1st here, somehow. I’d still be happy with the upgrade over your current WR2 and RB3 spots though

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