Mid 3rd Round Pick - Fear the RB "Dead Zone"?

1st two picks via trades & keepers -are McCaffrey & Kelce in 10 team Standard. Excluding other’s keepers, I’m up next at pick 26 & Fantasy Pros ADP says I’m looking at… (all players below ranked by Ballers rankings)

RBs like: (Dobbins might fall) but more likely guys like - Chris Carson, Josh Jacobs, D’Andre Swift, Miles Sanders

WRs like: Mike Evans, Allen Robinson II, Keenan Allen, CeeDee Lamb

I personally am not interested in taking a QB until at least round 5; that said, if no one else reaches for a QB the outlook changes to…

RBs: Carson, Henderson (although ADP is lagging, still rounds later) Sanders, Hunt

WRs: largely the same – Evans, Robinson II, Allen, Lamb

Any thoughts on who you’d be targeting at 26 knowing you don’t pick again until pick 40 in my case?

My hope is that Carson falls to me to knock out both starting RBs and TE knowing there’s great WR depth in rounds 4 & 5, but I would love any input you all might have.

I would be taking your best available RB. It’s tough to find dependable studs after round 2 and especially round 3.

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That was my thought. Of the guys in that range (Dobbins, Montgomery, CEH, Carson, Swift) I would take any of them except for Swift over the receivers there unless something crazy happens. I’ll keep my fingers crossed