Mid Round decisions on shared backfields

I have been doing a lot of mock drafting and find myself often in tough spots. Generally 12 person 0.5 pt PPR best ball drafts or seasonal drafts.

In round 7…Would you go Penny, Murray, Drake or punt and hunter henry (given Kittle is already on the squad).

In lots of drafts I see myself drafting Rashaad Penny. I think hes more prepared this year and not all the carries Mike Davis had will go to Carson. I think he gets use in the passing game too.

I really wish I knew wth was happening. In the Miami backfield. Drake is a talented guy…

I find myself drafting Penny often as well. A ton of work in that backfield and I actually do believe Carson and Penny can do very well there. And Penny is more than just a handcuff to Carson, he could win the spot and take over a game if Carson is ailing.
Also, Royce Freeman in the later rounds seems very solid at this point. He looks like he is ready to get the opportunity he could have received last year.
Drake… I just dont know anymore. That one is tough and I dont draft him anymore simply because I would rather have the two above.
There is becoming quite a but of value in the later rounds. Guice is even interesting now if he slips. He looks like he is hearing up. Barber and RJIII. Peterson in place of Guice. You can find guys.
Lastly, I have been finding myself drafting WR early, 4 out of the first 5 picks in some cases simply because of value (I am pick 1.06 in 12 team, 1.07 in 10 team) and I am still thrilled with my RBs later. Adams, Juju, Allen, Carson, Kupp, Guice, Ekeler, Royce and Singletary is just one example, and that a 12-team. People will gobble up RBs this year with all of the uncertainty, but that leads to great opportunity later.