Mid round dynasty start up trade

I’m trying to complete a trade for mid round startup picks with someone. He offered his 14th round vet pick plus his 3rd round rookie pick for my 8th rounder, but that seemed lopsided to me. I’m thinking about offering my 9th round vet pick to him for his 11th round vet and a 2nd round rookie. Am I valuing these right?
Thanks all

Yours sounds more reasonable. His is laughable. 3rd round rookie picks are barely worth the paper they’re written on. Def a far cry from what I would need to move from 8th down to 14th.


Thanks man!

What @MikeMeUpp said. You would be getting taken for a ride there. You move back one and him up two, plus a 2nd seems reasonable. Or at least he alters his end. I would even be okay with your side if he matched what Mike said.

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I wouldn’t do it