Mid Round Pick Help(latest episode spoilers)

My keepers in 12 team PPR league Zeke and Adams. 2 FLEX spots instead of 1. All keepers count as first 2 picks of the draft this year. I have the first pick and David Johnson will be my pick(1st pick of “round 3”). In the latest episode, the ballers got Woods and Edelman at that spot. I would love that but have never seen them available in mock drafts. The best WR at that spot are Golladay, Lockett, Boyd, Godwin, and sometimes Jeffrey. The best RB is usually in the Lindsey/Carson range. Sometimes see Cohen or White there. I prefer to get one of Howard, Engram, or Henry. If I do not choose them there, all of them are gone by next pick in mock drafts.

I am uncertain of which direction to go with the 4/5 turn. Do I go with one of those TEs which is early for them? Get my WR2? Get my 3rd RB? Thanks for the help FootClan!