Mid Round WR Trouble

Late 6th round in a 14-team 1/2 PPR draft and I’m struggling to decide between three WRs. My projections and analysis for the three are as follows:

Robert Woods - 62/837/5 - Tough to account for more targets than 2017 despite the injury with the addition of Brandin Cooks, who has never saw fewer than 114 targets in a season. Kupp/Gurley and TE usage don’t help him RZ usage. He’s the 3rd/4th receiving option on a run-first, defensive minded team.

Robby Anderson - 61-844-5 - Enunwa is back healthy and they upgraded their run game with the addition of Crowell. McCown is a year older and the suspension looms. Not sure if I want to run that chance.

Will Fuller - 47-772-8 - So tough to extrapolate the small sample size he had with Watson, but you can’t deny there was something special there. Has some injury history and Watson is due for some serious TD regression but a 53% TD rate and 22 yds/rec with Watson is impossible to ignore.

Any of that stand out to you guys as just flat out wrong? If you couldn’t tell, I’m leaning Fuller. More upside than Woods and IMO an equal amount of Risk to Anderson.

Dynasty or redraft? If its dynasty, I’d rather have fuller. If redraft, have to consider a couple things.

Depends on rest of your roster construction. Either way these guys are the flex spots.

If your team has enough of a floor to take the boom bust of Fuller/Anderson, you could lean that way cause Fuller can win you weeks. But if you don’t have the floor from your top RB/WRs to take that downswing, then would probably go woods.

Between fuller and anderosn, i’d prolly go fuller. Anderson suspension troubles always give me pause and also that team is in complete disarray in terms of too many new moving pieces. If i knew McCown was starting, i’d pick anderson but no idea if its him, bridgewater, darnold etc. Fuller is attached to Watson who is locked in as a starter and who he obviously has chemistry with even though they basically didn’t even practice together last year.

It’s a redraft league. I share the same concerns about Anderson. I honestly don’t see that high of a floor with Woods if we assume he ends up 3rd/4th in targets. He wasn’t utilized heavily in the RZ and there’s nothing special about his skill set that would earn him more targets ahead of Kupp/Cooks.

This all in association with their run-first mindset and my opinion that Goff is overrated. Eh…Fuller is just more fun to own IMO. But I can be convinced otherwise, it just won’t be easy.

Is Corey Davis available? Would rather have his upside to all of those guys.

Nvm I just realized you said 14 teamer. I do like Rishard Matthews above those guys as well.

If it’s those three I lean fuller. You are good regardless though

Doesn’t really matter what you or I think about his skill set. They clearly use him and scheme him into the game plan. And when I said woods if you don’t have a high floor, doesn’t mean he has a really great floor on an absolute basis. Just saying he has a better floor than Fuller and Anderson. HOnestly given cooks skill set, wouldn’t be shocked if woods ends up with more targets than him. Goff isn’t a down the field passer and McVay doesn’t force him to play as such. Woods in the middle/intermediate passes is more his forte.