Mid season dynasty orphan

Hey all,
I have a dynasty league that is 0.5 PPR non suoerflex league. It is in its second year and this team is built to win n in a couple of years, lots of good pieces. Probably the 1.01 and 1.02 pick and an additional first. 2023 has 5 firsts already. Some good players in the league. I will attach a copy of roster. 2021 is paid for. 2022 will need to be paid and is $100/year
Thunder75089 is sleeper name

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Contacting you now :+1:

That’s the ultimate rebuild orphan. In my opinion exactly the type of team you’d want to inherit.

Best of luck Octoberland.

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@Mr_Wind-up_Bird howdy!

That was my thought. It fits the mold of two other rebuilding squads I have, so I thought rolling in a third isn’t bad being that I’m already in that mind space. I appreciate the wishes of luck :jack_o_lantern: