Mid-Season panic time! YAY!

Alright Foot Clan, who are you starting to sweat and fret about on your roster?

I’m starting to think that Le’Veon Bell is not going to put up the top 10 RB numbers that we were all hoping with the arrival of the “soft” part of his schedule.

Fournette’s London game doesn’t have me doing cart-wheels either.

Kelce… boy that was hard to watch yesterday. I’m hoping he sent Mahommes something nice while he was rehabbing his knee.


Bell Bell Bell!! Every analyst on every platform said to buy Le’Veon and I bet whoever you sent has outperformed Bell since. Gase & Bell is feeling very similar to McCarthy & Aaron Jones.

I’d also throw Keenan into the conversation. Since Gordon has comeback (and injury) he hasn’t scored and only eclipsed 60-yd once.

Yep. And, unfortunately, I have both Bell and Jones now!

If you can flip him on the hope of still having a soft schedule, I’d consider it. I know it’s the dolphins, but he had a fine week and if he had scored, it would’ve been a great week.

I know I am overreacting. And, he really was a TD away from a pretty decent day. It was just so painful to watch that Jets team yesterday. :face_vomiting:

I’m a Jets fan, so I definitely hear that. I feel he can only go up from here. Matchups are still insanely positive, but if you can get really solid value for him, why not go for it.

My Uncle is a Jets fan, and being a former Rams fan, I appreciate the positivity. Am going to try to package him for someone on a team that is not so volatile.