Mid season rule changes

Hey footclan I have a pretty heated debate going on in a dynasty league now and would appreciate input.

With the sudden increase in Covid outs and bye weeks. The commissioner in my dynasty league decided to give us 2 additional IR spots moving us up to 5 total. These 2 additional spots are to be used for Covid related outs only and cant ve used like a traditional IR spot. This was decided and implemented when his QB cam newton was ruled out.

He also decided that we need to have punt and kickoff return yardage, so he has now added that to scoring. He immediately picked up the kick returner from Philly and his Girlfriend added Cordelle Patterson from the bears to capitalize on this newly implemented scoring.

Am I correct to be absolutely livid about this situation? Mid season rule and scoring changes are an absolute no no for me. We didnt have a league vote or anything.

This league isnt a money league but I still feel cheated.

How would you handle this? I appreciate your time

Definitely rules that should be changed before season starts. It’s quite clearly a commish deciding its his game and you just get to play it with him

I’m all for keeping things competitive. But they still have to be beneficial to everyone.
I think he cant see past his ego to see he is in the wrong.
I appreciate your reply! You winning your matchups today?

Rules like that should be implemented at the beginning of the season. If you’re going to change any rules during season it needs to go to a league vote. Things like scoring needs to be a unanimous decision if not too bad bringing up next offseason. That’s bush league by your commish

I agree! A fantasy league is supposed to be a democracy, not a dictatorship run by the commish.
I’m struggling to even stay in the league at this point. Another manager messaged me and is thinking about dropping their entire roster to the waiver wire and walking away.

Never run into something like this before, I appreciate you taking some time to chime in.

How are your matchups for the week? Did you get lucky and dodge some of these sudden O/IRs??

Fully expect to lose. Fortunately my opponent is in just as difficult a position with injuries and covid on his team. Our game is likely the two lowest scores.

Hopefully some things go your way and you get the W!
I need the chiefs D to really ball out now that Cam is out. It’s my only hope Haha

Sleeper projects a win. I just don’t believe it. My rb are a shambles this week. Kc d doing big things would help me a lot.

If there are going to be rule changes it needs to be voted on. I have a league with only 4 bench spots (8 team league so plenty of waiver options) that a guy has Mahomes, Tyreek and Derek Henry. He asked to have additional bench spots added because he is in a bind. I voted no because I have PIT Defense and dropped a WR to pick up the Jets Defense for Thursday night. I mean we have 4 bench spots and he has 3 guys potentially out. He might have to drop good options from his bench to field a team, but thats what was decided at the beginning of the year.

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I agree with this whole heartedly, we all knew this year was gonna be a bumpy ride. You dibt get to change the rules 25% of the way through to make someone’s life easier

The idea that a commissioner would unilaterally change rules mid-season is just silly. At the very least, if bizarre or unforeseen circumstances arise, it’s on the commissioner to take action when necessary… which means alerting the league to the issue and beginning a group conversation about whatever it is.

As for your two specific issues…

// Scoring rules/settings should never be changed midseason. Ever. Anyone who puts any sort of effort and care into their team has crafted their roster to fit their league’s particular scoring. Therefore, to change settings like this is… well… stupid. And unfair. (Unless of course, it’s some sort of glaring oversight, and 100% of team owners agree to the change… which likely means somebody input a mistake when setting up the league.)

Solution: I think you should pick up wide receiver Jason Moore and then declare to the league that if the commish is allowed to arbitrarily chance league rules mid-season, everybody should have that right. And then announce that your new rule gives 45 bonus points each week to any players who share a name with award winning fantasy football podcast hosts. Fight arbitrary with arbitrary.

// As for the IR spot thing… This feels a bit more sticky. Again: a rule chance like this shouldn’t be unilateral (especially when it’s the commish doing it for his own sake). But these are bizarre times. And as Mike Wright so often says, “We need to keep football fun.” And fair. Which is why these need to be whole-league decisions, not commish decisions. I bring up the “keep-football-fun” bit because:

Preseason, anywhere you turned, people were telling us to add IR spots in case players couldn’t play because of Covid. Then Week 4 showed up and a bunch of players (Pitt/Tenn) suddenly couldn’t play. Because: Covid. But because they didn’t specifically have Covid (or it wasn’t specifically announced that they did) they weren’t IR eligible. Which may feel like an arbitrary difference to many. And arbitrary things like this can be the enemy of fun in fantasy football.

Solution: Be willing to have a conversation about this stuff. One league I’m in is “letting the chips fall how they may”. Another of league was quite disappointed that the entire reason we added IR spots this year was rendered mute because Yahoo decided to arbitrarily (in our league’s opinion) declare that “not being able to play because of Covid” and “not being able to play because you specifically have Covid” are different things. And together as a league we found a few work-arounds that we all agreed would help to keep our league both fair and fun in this bizarre year.


Part of the problem could be that there is no money involved so because of that the comish may feel he doesn’t owe anything to anyone. Probably to late to change that now, but if your leave does not fully disband because of this, I would suggest you add a buy in going forward.

Thank you so much for this detailed reply, I love your point of fighting arbitrary with arbitrary!
It is sad to see this happen in my first year of a dynasty league. I think I’ll be joining a new league with mostly footclan members next year. I think I’ll have more chance for fun and fairness


Thanks for the reply Dcortes, I agree with thinking that a lack of buy in has helped this situation happen. I think another role is the fact it’s our first year, the Commish thinks these changes are for the best moving forward so wants them now.
How are your matchups this week?

Surprisingly I won both my matches! I get the comish is trying to make changes thinking it’s what’s best for the league, there should still be some discussion and agreement especially for those that seem to be for his benefit.