Mid-teir rb strategy question

0.5ppr. For an rb 2 and 3, to pair with Ajayi. Would you rather:
Ingram & Peterson
Gillislie & CJ
Or another rb pairing, including other rbs in that adp range?

Ill Take Gillislie & CJ,

Gillislie and CJ…although my preference would be to draft a better RB1 than Ajayi. He is the 10th RB off the board (or so). Although if Ajayi is your guy, I would really consider taking a back a little sooner than Gillislie (committee back) or New Orleans (committee) backs. CJ fits that bill, but has durability issues. I would be looking for a Lynch, Gurley or Crowell immediately after Ajayi became the RB1 and use the Gillislie/CJ pair for depth at the position.

Out of these guys, CJ and Gilislee. Spending that much draft capital on Ingram and AP is a bad idea. You get one RB at best, and some weeks who knows if you start the right one. Better to diversify, with CJ and Gill you have options.

Ajayi is one of my keepers. With Evans and Thomas. So after trading some picks last year I’m left with picks 43 47 48 in one round. There in the rankings I like taking Kelce and two rbs. I’ve already filled my flex at that point with a wr like Baldwin or Watkins.
I like Gillislie over CJ. Don’t like the saints unless I have them both really…

Anyone you’d rather take then CJ and Gilli out of: Lacy, Ware, Powell, Cook, Abullah, Ty Mont.???

I like Powell, TyMont, Cook and Ware better than both CJA and Gill.

Ohhhh. That makes it a little clearer. I was wondering why wait so long for RB2. I agree with ReginaPatFF though. I like Powell, Montgomery, and Cook more because of their situations than Gill and CJ, but Ware had a monster concussion last year and would stay away from him and throw a dart on Hunt at the end.

Or see if you can sell high on one of those receivers. You are stacked there.