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Mid tier rb selection. Pick 2


Pick two from the mid range rb tier.
This pairing would be filling the rb2 & 3/bench spot, with a rb1 like Ajayi, 0.5ppr 10 team:

Ty Mont


I like Gillislie and Ingram.


I’ll take Gillislee and Ty Mont.

Gillislee is more of a home run ball, have to hope he in fact takes over the Blount role and produces touchdowns.

Ty Mont I’m pretty high on this year, look what he did last year as a first time running back. He’s had the offseason to really learn the position and bulk up for it. I could see him becoming a 3 down back on an elite offense.


Cj and Gillislee

I’d put cj and Ingram in the same category but one is cheaper. And gillislee just has huge upside


CJ has been helped with the injury situation in Denver. Booker going down, and Charles is never not going to be injured.


gilly for sure, after that… i dont really want any of them. ingram and peterson should be obvious, both apart of the same backfield, split carries but who will get what? too many questions. CJ has had one good year, after that he hasnt done a thing but people are still hopeful. im out on him. ty is a good player, but he has not shown me anything that gets me excited about his fantasy production. the packers also picked up 2 million RBs in the draft, that tells me a lot. and ware, ware is out by week 4. kareem hunts going to take that backfield over. ware will still have his role, but he wont be worth squat.

buy early and often on RBs. because you are pretty much screwed this year if you dont get some of the top guys. unless you get lucky on hitting a flier with one of your late round guys. but you cant rely on that.


Gillibear for the home run ball @BusterD, but I agree after that who knows. I would get remove Ware from this list immediately.

Ingram/Peterson is going to be a huge question mark until we see some preseason games. TY has amazing YPC, but they won’t use him in the red zone at all. TD numbers will be in the 2-5 range. If Charles is healthy, he wins the Broncos backfield easily, if he gets hurt I still think they run with a time share. CJ was good because the O-Line was unrivaled at the time, those times have changed.

My suggestion is Hyde, he is an injury risk, but you can pick up Joe in the later rounds. Shanalama LOVES RBs like Hyde, see Freeman for the last two years. Kyle’s system is designed to put runners into space, where Hyde is at his most dangerous.


Gill and Mont