Might drop maclin

So with derrick Henry on waivers in my league. (Ppr) I feel like I have good depth at receivers with Crabtree, mike Evans, obj, and laundry. My running backs are ajayi, fournette, cohen, and riddick. Trying to pick up carsons on waivers as well. Just thought Henry looked like a good deal that I didn’t want to leave on waivers. Thoughts please!

Idk bro, Maclin is a consistent player and will be a good floor. I’d rather try and trade him off than just drop him. I’d leave carsons or henry because your rb’s are so much better than them. Ill put it this way if you dropped maclin someone will pick him up. so try and trade him for a better rb in a package deal or te or qb.

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I’m with @Dracsmith. I wouldn’t flat out drop Maclin. You’re basically giving another team a free WR2 if you do that.

Fair enough. I could defiantly see him getting picked up almost instantly