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Might need to make some changes


Unfortunate day yesterday with the Hyde trade and Lynch injury. My first place team seems a bit weaker now where I had 5 usable RB and now i am down to 3 in the last 24 hours. Thinking of making some changes. Who do I drop to grab waiver wire RB (Powell, Martin, Richard) also need to pick up a kicker but might just punt the position this week and pick one up next week when I can drop Flacco to pick one up.

QB Russell Wilson, Flacco

RB Gordon,Hunt, Hyde,Lynch, Jones

WR Tate, Sanders,Cooper,J.Brown, Watkins

TE Hooper,Engram

K (empty)

DEF Chicago.

Who would you drop to make room for a RB? I guess even WR since I’m a bit weak there as well. My RB depth covered me there until now. Plan as of now is drop Lynch and grab a kicker and see what happens next week. Didn’t know if I should jump on getting more depth at RB or not now with someone from Oakland. Thanks for the help.


Yeah if they put Lynch on IR, I’d drop him. I figure they’ll determine that after the game though, but you could add aMNF kicker on Monday after waiting to see.


Or just pick up Richard now. I mean I’d put a lot of money on Lynch not touching the ball again this season. Not your money yet haha, but my own. I think Rich and Martin will split pretty evenly ROS with Washington mixed in too, so that’s the harder call. PPRRicgard and standard Doug, I guess.


I think grab Richard for sure, even in standard he’s been getting a safe floor with passing work. He was actually pretty good last year as a change of pace guy, Martin won’t get much done.

I’d also drop Lynch, I think it’s safe to do so given your need both at kicker this week and stashing options at WR/RB.
Who’s available at RB or WR? If you can win without a kicker then I’d add Richard plus and option for Lynch, if it’s close I’d get a kicker in and drop Flacco for someone next week


It’s .5ppr. I have both RBs from Oakland and Powell on waivers that I would consider picking up and a handful of Wrs like Shepard and Williams, Kirk etc. I had Sanders Thursday playing against Denver’s defense and David Johnson. So they are up 50 to 27 looks like it could be close but I can stand to lose one week. I’m 5-1 sitting in first place. Think I need do make some changes to the roster ROS


Wait wait scratch that. I didn’t know Cooper was officially being shopped. Don’t drop him. That changes everything. I feel like he is destined for Philly.


Or maybe Seattle. That would be fun to watch.


Haha right? Anywhere but Oakland. Fingers crossed that turns him into a usable receiver. Lol.


Wonder if Cleveland try to get him, they need an outside presence badly. Not the best fur fantasy though lol


That would be awesome lol. Landry Collins chubb Njoku Cooper Duke just flying all over the field for Mayfield. They can give up the Raiders ask for a 1st round pick for sure too. And Cooper needs a guy like Mayfield. Carr isn’t really a winner and certainly not a teaching leadership style. Team wouldn’t be such a shit show if he was respected. He got paid and is just playing now. Mayfield seems like he actually wants to win a super bowl and could do it hypothetically some day. That is so far ahead of things but he truly elevated that team as soon as he entered the game.


Very true, I’m being selfish as a Landry owner in my main league and it would help him massively opening up the middle of the field.

I don’t know if they want to build that way but if they did having a guy like Haley calling plays could be huge for Cooper finally playing back at his potential.

No idea if he’ll get traded though not too much out there about interested teams


Yeah and no one wants a concussion case these days that’s for sure. Will be interesting to see how that pans out regardless