Mike Davis FAAB Price - DESPERATE

First time in a 14 man league and made a mistake by not drafting enough RBs…

My situation right now at RB - CEH, Bell (out), gore and Thompson

I’m desperate and these are my options on the waivers:

  1. Mike Davis
  2. Jeff Wilson
  3. Darrel Henderson
  4. Dion Lewis

How much of my FAAB should I spend and on who??

I’d look at 15-20% since CMC will be back. I’d take Hendeson for that amount as well. Check if Freeman is available on waivers before he signs with NYG. Lewis didnt really impress on Sunday. Also take a look at Gallman since they’ll use him in the passing game. Wilson will be one of 3 (maybe 4 is Mostert is active) in that backfield. Streamed him for a couple of games last year but defenses will stack the box a bit more with Jimmy G out.

Faab amounts are really hard to tell as it’s impossible to know individual leagues. I expect Henderson and Davis will go for 40% or more in mine but could be 20-25% in another.

Jeff Wilson I suspect will be the bargain of them though and could be 0-5%. Dion Lewis I’m personally not interested in.