Mike Davis for mixon and Fuller

I was offered mike Davis for will Fuller and joe mixon, should I do this? Knowing that cmc will be back? I have ARon jones, eckler, and David mont as a bench stash, receivers woods, OBJ, Gallup as stash

What’s your record? I might actually take that on the chance that Mixon gets his head out of his ass eventually. Davis will be back on the bench in about 5-6 more weeks, but that’s 5-6 games of good production for you.

Mixon has a nice stretch of games at the end of the season, minus Pit in week 15, so he could be better for you long-term if you’re a playoff contender. Will Fuller is ass.

If you are receiving Mixon and Fuller then yes absolutely accept it now. If you are giving Mixon and Fuller then no.

The Mixon and Fuller side wins easily for season long value.


Thanks, I only lost one game so far, I ended up taking the trade and taking the risk, c mac may not come back! I’ll be good I believe!

Shake my head

This was a steal person who received Mixon

Agreed Mixon and Fuller won the trade