Mike Davis or Alshon jeffery? (Standard)

Im going to play Mike Evans over one of these two guys. . but need to decide between Davis of Jeffery for my FLEX spot. Please help!

I’m in the same boat, except also considering Davante Adams, too. The problem is (like you I’m sure), I can talk myself out off each person. Jeffrey, while great as of late, downgraded QB. Davis, though coming off two consistent 60yd games, is coming off an injury and up against the Rams, who, while bad against the run as of late, are still a decently good team playing in a very important match. And Adams, while upgrading QB, is upgrading to a guy that consistently looks to him second, and who he hasn’t had a chance to reestablished any chemistry yet.

I want to lean Jeffrey, because he’s been good to me in the past, and the Giants are bad, but think I may end up going Davis for sake of opportunities alone. Which are you leaning?

I’m leaning on Davis. Think that Foles will lean on Ertz and running game. . . Yes Jeffery can catch a TD but i doubt he will get 100+ yds. The only thing I’m scared of Davis is that the Seahawks could be down in this game, which will give Davis limited opportunities. And I’m rolling Mike Evans out. I know its a risky play but he was my first pick, if i lose I’m losing with him on my lineup.

This is my lineup:
QB Brees
RB Hunt, Kamara, Freeman
WR Evans, Cooks,
FLEX Jeffery or Davis
TE Ertz
D/ST Chargers