Mike Davis or Tyler Lockett in the 5th with the following first four rounds:

I am picking in the fourth spot in a 12 team, 0.5 ppr slow draft, so 6 hours a pick over multiple weeks. My first four rounds are as follows:
1 - Derrick Henry
2 - Justin Jefferson
3 - Darren Waller
4 - Amari Cooper
5 - Mike Davis or Tyler Lockett

What can scares me about getting Lockett is that, while I believe the value is better than Mike Davis, my RB 2 then gets pretty shaky with guys like Mostert or Damien Harris. What do you guys think?

Mike Davis for sure. There are lots of WR3 types still available later.

Idk tho, Lockett has been a WR1 the last three years in a row

I’d take Lockett. I think he as a flex comfortably outscores Davis at RB2

An RB2 by committee or even occasionally using waivers is very possible. I think whilst wr is deeper, an RB2 season is easier replaced than a WR2 in flex or WR3 Slot

Mike Davis definitely has a lower ceiling, I feel like he’s more of a solid RB 3 type than an RB2 Lockett can win you week or he can ruin weeks, it’s tough but I’d probably go with Lockett and wait for a Raheem/Sermon or Micheal Cater type because they have a higher upside

In 16 team leagues, maybe.

But Metcalf is there now, as well as a 2nd round rookie WR, and Gerald Everett, and Seattle wants to run the ball more… Lockett isn’t the kind of elite talent that’s going to command targets no matter what; his production should dip substantially this season.

And I don’t know what you guys have against the bellcow RB of a fairly powerful offense, but to think that a guy who should finish around RB15 is no better than an RB3 is just ludicrous.