Mike Davis over Hunt....Not so crazy?

Simplified: Hunt or Davis this week?

Longer Explanation:
Thoughts on me starting MIke Davis over Hunt this weekend? Here is my thinking: Hunt goes against the Chargers, who have looked great on both D and O. I have a hunch Smith is going to suck, the Chargers will take a lead, and the Chiefs will abandon the run to catch up like they have the past month (minus last week).

On the other side, the Rams have been weak against the run all season long and Mike Davis, when given the ball consistently, has looked great.

Okay, now the cons: Hunt is coming off a great week. Do you really bench a player after a great week (even though that was one great week in the past month or so…). Second, The Hawks historically can’t run, so I’d be banking on really a break out game not just from Davis, but from the Hawks ability to run the ball.

My other RBs are McCoy and Gordon, both who are starting, so this is for my flex position.

Thoughts? Got a few hours to decide.