Mike Davis, Peyton Barber, or Giovanni Bernard?

I need a running back to start this week, but don’t know who to pick up between Mike Davis, Peyton Barber, or Giovanni Bernard. This league is a full point ppr and if I do pick up one of these RBs I would need to drop someone and my options are Danny Woodhead, Ted Ginn or Jared Goff who is my second quarterback. I’m leaning towards dropping Ginn because he is inconsistent and is my 4th wide receiver. What do you guys think?

Who’s ur starting Qb?

I’m in the same boat. Leaning Davis over Gio cuz it’ll be more than a one week thing. But Gio is probly better this week so long as Mixon doesn’t play. I don’t trust any Bucs players at this point.
If you feel like your starting QB is a lock ROS. Drop Goff. Some tough matchups coming

My QB is Alex Smith