Mike Davis trade offer

Got offered Justin Jefferson straight up for Mike Davis. Standard scoring, redraft league. My Immediate thought is absolutely because CMC is coming back. But then what if he immediately gets hurt again. Then I gave up a productive Rb 1
My other backs are drake , David Montgomery and Chris Carson

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I think I take the deal. Depends how your WRs look of course, but if Jefferson is a big upgrade for you there then it’s an easy accept for me. ~2 weeks left of Davis for rest of season Jefferson

I think I’d take the deal, assuming that Jefferson will slide into your WR’s as an every week play. Like was said above, 2 weeks for Davis vs ROS for Jefferson. Of course there is a chance CMC gets hurt when he comes back but given the timeline and the success Davis is having CMC is not being rushed back and his ankle should be near 100% when he is back.