Mike Evans and Ito Smith to get Aj green?

Should I go get AJ green. For some reason I don’t feel right about mike Evans right now. Should I stop worrying?

I wouldn’t worry about Evans. Jamisen is as good if not better than Fitz. And the two game slump should end vs. Browns

Evans should be a WR1 by years end. He has ALWAYS been kinda streaky.
Ito has a lot of upside, unless the AJ owner is approaching you i would not make that deal.
Ito and a Flexish WR would be where i would start negotiations to acquire Green if i was making the first move.

Yeah I mean I am honestly worried because I feel Winston is kinda the TE heavy quarterback style. Also, AJ green ROS schedule is literally a joke, where mike Evans is not.

Should I do the trade I mean the thing is mike Evans and aj green could very well end up producing similar numbers, and in top of that Im giving up a high upside player in Ito smith.