Mike Evans draft stock

I find myself ending up with Mike Evans mid to late second round a lot in mocks. Am I valuing him too high?

Sounds about right.

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On the same page as Dad on this one

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Was considering trying to work a trade for him. Juju worth sending in a dynasty or no?

Evans >>>>>> JuJu

Not even close

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Sounds right. Evans is waaaaayyyy more valuable than juju

I think Evans could win a lot of people their leagues this year. Mid to late second is a great value for a WR that has the ceiling of finishing WR 1 overall.

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Honestly, I don’t think his Ceiling is quite that high without a lot of injuries or an obscene about of TDs, but he’s certainly a potential great value.

I would do this trade, immediately. I’m not even that high on Evans cause I don’t see his targets ever getting back to what they were and he simply isn’t an efficient guy but the fact that people are even considering juju and him on the same level is insane to me.