Mike Evans - Dynasty trade

Need advice for a trade:

Dynasty, 12 team, PPR

Get: Kupp, Chubb, and the 2.06

Give: Evans, the 1.12, and the 4.01


Tough one as really like evans chubb and kupp

I’d probably lean kupp chubb side but I feel it’s a deal that is pretty even.

Even deal.
I would also take Chubb and Kupp here, but not by a lot.

Chubb and Kupp side

I would take this. I guess it is balanced but I think the Kupp / Chubb side is an easy winner for me.

Pretty even trade but I prefer the Kupp/Chubb side. Depends on your team’s positional needs. I.e. if you need a TE, the 1.12 would be pretty helpful.