Mike Evans Dynasty Trade

Hey Guys,

I am in a PPR 3 WR, 2 FL plus positional norms. I have OBJ, Keenan, M. Jones, Watkins, Landry and Crowder but an weak at RB.

I just got offered Mike Evans, Dak, and Dede for Watkins and Landry. I am tempted to take this trade but am also considering using my WR surplus to get a solid RB. Or even continue to hoard WRs into the season.

I really could go with any of those three options. What would you recommend I do?

I would take the deal. Prefer Evans to Watkins and Landry straight up.

The value is there, but I would be using my assets to upgrade an area of need. You’re set at WR either way. It’s not a bad trade, it just depends on your preference.

I ended up passing and trading Landry and Mixon for Antonio Brown and R. Freeman

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