Mike Evan's for 3 1sts?

14 man dynasty league, 1 QB, full point ppr, 3 wr and 1 flex
I currently have
Devante Adam
Mike Evan
Robby Anderson
Dede Westbrook
Christian Kirk
Tre’Quan Smith
Kelvin Harmon
I own the 2020 1.05, 1.08

I was offered
Mike Evan’s
2020 1.14
2021 1
2022 1

I am expecting to grab Juedy or Lamb at 5 and could get another good wr at 1.08 or 1.14 depending how the cards lay. I feel like I should take it, thoughts?

Oof. Originally I was going to say smash accept, but once I could read the whole thing I am not quite sure. I think that already owning the two earlier picks makes this okay, but not a slam dunk. I would almost rather drop the 2022 1 for a 2020 2nd and a 2021 2nd. Those would be a bit better. I know 1st are good, but typically once you get past the top 8-10 the talent drops fast. Like this year. Talent pool is super wide, but it is shallow. That is, the players at 10-28 are not all too different pre-draft. But knowing there is still good value this year and next year looks similar, I would rather 2nds. If there is push back I would try to land 2021 2nd over this year as it looks like he would be giving 2020 2.14. Not a bad pick, but you might get a better slot next year.

I hope that makes sense and helps some?

Also, your Kirk just got hotter IMHO. That should help out with moving Evans.