Mike Evans for Aaron Jones/ Brandin Cooks and swapping picks in Dynasty?

I’m being offered this trade in Dynasty format. All picks for for 2020:

Mike Evans
3rd rounder
Kenny Stills


Aaron Jones
Brandin Cooks
2 rounder
4th rounder

Would you make this deal?
My roster consists of
Mike Evans
Keenan Allen
Chris Godwin
Calvin Ridley
AJ Brown
Royce Freeman
Alvin Kamara
Derrick Henry
Kalen Ballage
Damien Harris
Gus edwards

Yes, especially because you also have Godwin. I think Cooks is a downgrade from Evans but Aaron Jones more than makes up for it

Thanks Michael! Im hesitant losing a true dominant 1 receiver in dynasty who is only 26, but I certainly am leaning towards making this deal. If I had assurance Godwin will keep this up then it’s a no brainer. Im afraid of having too many boom or bust players, which I consider both Cooks and jones to be in that space.,

I understand the hesitation and Evans is a true top end WR; but, you’re getting a young WR2 with WR1 upside and a young RB1-RB2. The talent you’re getting back is worth it

One last question for you. He has Marlon Mack too. Would you prefer Mack over Jones?

For me, no. I like RBs on good offenses and I think GBP is much better than Indy ever since Luck retired. That being said, GBP seems to love Jamaal Williams as much as the Dolphins love losing. So, Jones is going to have less volume than the bellcow Mack. I prefer Jones but don’t fault you or anyone if they prefer Mack

awesome, thank you so much Michael

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