Mike Evans for Gronk

So I have an embarrassment of riches in this 12 team league that I am in. I have Davante Parker, Mike Evans, Demarius Thomas and Stefon Diggs. I left Diggs on my bench yesterday because it’s pretty crowded right now. I am weak at Tight End, been using Jared Cook for the tight end right now. What do you think of trading Big Mike for Gronk?

Super risky. I probably would not. I don’t think you have an embarrassment of riches. I think you have one bona fide stud (who you’re trying to trade) and a bunch of WR2 types who currently carry a lot of risk.

yea no I would not do this… you have studs at WR but some are very unpredictable. keep streaming TE from the waiver.

I wouldn’t either. I have Gronk myself, but I also drafted Ertz in the middle rounds. Cook is a good backup, but as a Carr and Crabtree drafter, I can tell you for sure they spread the ball around.

Yeah no way I would ever do this. You would be left without a WR1 and with Gronk’s injury potential it could backfire horribly.