Mike Evans for J. Conner?

What’s Evans value currently? Do you think he is still a WR 1?

I got offered this trade and I’m just not sure I want the headache of starting Evans every week… I already have K. Allen and would be starting Evans over Golloday and Sanders. Is this trade worth it with Bell possibly not coming back?

I have Evans and am struggling with his value as well. I think I’m going to keep starting him because his upside is definitely there. That being said Conner is a good play and is also on my team but you have to have the RB depth to support your loss if Bell does come back and trumps Conner’s workload.

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I agree with jaguileraroh, the answer to your question hinges on RB depth. Frankly, you need depth behind Conner anyway in case Bell returns. Either way, I think I’d probably pull the trigger, because even though the Bucs are pretty bad they should keep on putting up big points against everyone but the Ravens.

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I have plenty of RB depth, Conner isnt even a starter for me right now (no flex, 3 WR league)

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I’d probably do the trade then because Conner may not even be getting much PT if Bell returns. On the other hand, you know Evans will get volume.