Mike evans for jacobs and dede?

I have J. Jacobs and Dede and hes offering mike evans for them.

1/2 ppr 3 WR 2 RB

my WR
D. Adams
Robby anderson

J. Jacobs
K. Johnson
David Montgomery
Tevin coleman

Im leaning towards accepting this offer.

see if he is accepts montgomery instead you would be winning bigger if that but I think Jacobs is fine to deal too

Def do it. Evans is a top WR

I think i come out on top either way.

yes I agree

Thanks for the assurance guys :+1:

I don’t know that you come out on top. You have Julio and Adams already in your top two slots. Your RB depth is very thin after Jacobs. Jacobs is a sure thing for volume where as the others in your lineup are questionable. Not to mention that Mike Evans is good but Winston is not so he will be very up and down. Jacobs looks like a stud and created a lot of yards for himself so imagine what he will do with a healthy O-Line in a couple of weeks here. Robby and Dede are both great WR3s for you to utilize. I’d see if the waiver wire has anything else honestly.

That is a good thought. I could pick up chris thompson or singletary off waivers, I do have the first option.


Completely agree, work that waiver wire. Evans is good but you need some depth at RB for the long haul. After week one Jacobs looks to be one of the few RB’s not in a committee.

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I agree with jaguileraroh. You already have two top receiving options. You’re in need of RB stability.

Do it and grab singletary off the waivers.