Mike Evans for Jarvis Landry?

Ive been offered their Mike Evans for my Jarvis Landry, this seems like a really good deal for Me. Am I missing something?

trade expires at end of the day please help!

Winston is hurt so Fitzpatrick will be throwing him the ball, and Evans is suspended for 1 game, so won’t be playing this week. However I am all for this trade. Evans is an absolute monster and I think even with Fitzpatrick he will get it done. In Jarvis Landry you have the completion of Parker who is cutlers favorite target. Me personally, I would take the trade… unless your desperate for a win this week and this move would affect that, because Evans is not playing this week due to suspension. I would much rather have Evans over Landry even with the risk. Just my opinion

Yeah im 7-1 just trying to prepare for playoffs, i thought the same thing

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Take that yes