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Mike Evans for Kareem or zeke


I was offered Mike Evans for either zeke or Kareem Straight up.

My RB: Kareem, Zeke, Gillislee, Derek Henry, Buck Allen, Smallwood

My WR: AJ green, Fitzgerald, garçon, funchees

10 Man standard

Would probably give up zeke for Evans plus maybe a Rb. Just with the chance of zeke getting suspended


I also have David Johnson when returns.


Cant count on dj returning bro. I wouldnt do that trade. Especially not kareem. If you could get evans AND a higher end rb for just zeke then I would probably do that, but not evans for zeke straight up.


Yeah I agree, Mike Evans is not worth Zeke or Kareem. You could get a lot more for those guys.


I don’t think I’d do it, work the waiver wire for that 4th WR