Mike Evans for Leonard Fournette?

Want to improve my RBs depth. Waivers are thin and while I have enough right now, I’ll be left to just Ajayi and Gurley when Conner is benched again until K Johnson breaks through. I have Green and Thomas as my receivers along with Gordon and Goodwin on the bench.

Yeah I’d do that trade

I’m not doing that trade personally. Hamstring injuries do not heal fast if at all and they continuously nag all season long even once they are off the injury report and are easily reinjured. And we’ve seen how effective Fournette is when he is injured vs healthy.

I’d rather have Evans ROs tbh. If you want more RB depth, I’d go for someone more stable and without health concerns.

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Who do you suggest going for in that tier? I know that’s kind of broad but I think people will be open.

You should try and go get Bell as a Conner owner. Bell owners are panicking about now so you should be able to get a decent discount on him.

Could also try and sell Gordon instead of Evans as well if you want on the hysteria. Maybe some Gordon + combo. And then progressively move up from there if it doesn’t work. Zeke owners are probably also worried about how bad their offense is so could try like Evans + Ajayi for Zeke or something. I personally would just turn that down if I was zeke owner but you never know if someone is buying high on Evans chasing his magical 2016 season.