Mike Evans for rodgers

I’m crazy deep at WR’s have Evans Julio AB Emmanuel Parker Thielen Kupp and Hurns, starting 3 WR’s and 2 RB’s with Zeke Bell Gordon and McCaffrey. 1 flex. I stream my QB’s K Def

Between Evans/Julio/Brown, I’d want to keep Evans and Brown. That’s my take.

Is this like a 6 team league or something? I like Evans and AB best too so even if you send back Julio for Rodgers (and maybe make him tack on a depth RB), you’ll be sitting pretty nicely.

How is your team that stacked lol

You can definitely afford to make that trade but shouldn’t need to, i don’t see you needing to make any moves this season with a team like that.

It’s a 10 team in-law family league in our 4th season, sold high on hunt cook Martavis and Crowell pushed AJ bought low Julio and AB

I kinda just wanna sit pretty and hold out while they sweat. Also trying to buy low on OBJ with Emmanuel and Hurns

It was until I found the podcast and community of were I was the guy that didn’t wanna trade and be non risking but after hearing the sell high buy low was more beneficial for me

How is that league even fun. you have 6-1st round draft picks

It’s fun because I can rip my in-laws every week.

And not to toot my horn any more is I also had the 10th pick in a cycle draft