Mike Evans/Melvin Gordon for Nick Chubb?!?!

Who wins this trade?!

Please help guys!!

The Evans/Gordon side wins this by a mile. Chubb had one moster week; check the stats…perception does not match reality. Kareem Hunt is entering the fray in 5 weeks and, frankly, the Browns are a mess.

Sorry but this isn’t even close and shouldn’t even be a question.

I disagree, if you check the consistency charts Chubb has been a solid play every week and Mike evans has been a nightmare to own. It’s definitely not a bad thing if you take this trade because the potential for Gordon and Evans is great but Chubb is extremely talented, and regardless of the browns, will still put up good numbers.

Evans / Gordon side by far.

Are you worried at all about hunt coming back

Not terribly, if they are a 50/50 split I think both are great starts, if you need a WR I would take the trade since it’s a 2 for 1 but Evans needs to get more targets, he’s my real fear.

If you’re going to talk about consistency then Mike Evans need to be mentioned. He can go for 40 or 0 depending on the day.

Gordon is still a bit of an unknown this season IMO. I’m starting him, but there’s still a lot of questions to answer in the LAC backfield.

Chubb is a solid weekly start with a good floor and a huge ceiling.

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