Mike Evans or TY Hilton Rest of Season?

Which do you think has the better outlook Rest of Season? Half PPR. Keeping in mind their playoff schedules (championship game week 16).

I’m leaning Hilton because of the instability at QB for the Bucs despite Hilton having inconsistent production.

Colts are on a role, so I want the healthy again T.Y. Hilton! Mike Evans burned me badly last year so I’m quite biased but my argument is as follows. Disclaimer: I’m not as confident about this all after realizing the Colts go on the road to play the Jags next.

Hilton was better than Evans last year even without Luck throwing him the ball and with Winston throwing Evans the ball. Evans was off to a hot start with Fitzpatrick and quite frankly I think Fitzpatrick is a better QB than Winston. Winston throws a ridiculous number of interceptions and it brings the team’s moral down. Additionally, Winston is not as proficient at the deep ball compared to Fitzpatrick and that’s somewhere that Djax and Evans were eating! Colts coach Frank is dominating and Dirk has been… Dirk… Give me the more potent offense!

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