Mike Evans overreaction?

I know it’s only week 1 and overreactions are especially big at the start of the season, but based on the opening game last night, it looks like Brady’s favorite targets are Godwin, Brown, and Gronk…. not Evans. Should I consider trading away Evans or just wait it out a week since it’s only the first game? Thanks!

Evans had the toughest matchup by far. I forget his name, but Dallas shadowed him like 80% of the time with their best CB. Even with that he had 6 targets to Brown’s 7. Godwin did have 14!
Evans might not be a top 12 WR like you drafted him to be, but I think you’d be selling too low if you traded him after this week.


This is kinda who he is. It’s easy to look at his end-of-season numbers during draft season and forget what it’s like to own him. It was masked a bit last year because he scored in so many of his low-volume games, but this is the ride with Mike Evans.

If you’re ever going to move on from him, do it because you don’t like the week-to-week consistency and do it AFTER a blow-up (which will come).

Don’t sell him for pennies on the dollar.

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This. I probably wouldn’t have drafted him to begin with and it’s likely going to be frustrating at times owning any of these guys this year. But if you’re going to try to trade him, you at least have to wait until he has a good game or probably even a couple good games in a row. Now is the worst time to try to trade him

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Trading Evans now just means you get little value for him. I think him and Brown are the 2 that will be boom or bust. Godwin out of the slot will have a higher floor imo. So wait until it is Evans breakout game and see what you can get then.

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