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Mike Evans replacement for week 1


Standard scoring. I kind of have an idea what I’m gonna do (probably Brown), but I’m curious what the community thinks.

Jon Brown vs Detroit or Mike Wallace vs Cincy.


Definitely Brown. Easy matchup, Palmer loves him.


I’m on the other side. I’d go Wallace because he’s the one WR Flacco has worked with that’s currently on the roster.


Depends your roster and your opponents roster but based on talent I’d go Brown.

If you’re ok with settling for 7 points go with Wallace. If you think you may need a big game out of one of these guys I’d go Brown.

Tough Call.


Yeah, tough call, we are pretty evenly matched even without Evans in my lineup. I don’t necessarily need a huge week and would be happy with 7 points but my heart says lil Jon.


Smokey it is.