Mike evans/Sony/Aaron jones for Tyreek/Zeke?

Would you make this deal? Full PPR I’d be giving away Zeke and Tyreek. My other RBs are: mark Ingram, Chris Thompson, Doug Martin and Carlos Hyde and my other receivers are Thielen Landry and Lockett

I’d make this deal and pray that Fitzmagic stays at the helm. You need the depth.

I’m not so sure Michel doesn’t just straight up outproduce Zeke rest of the way or come very close to it and A Jones has finally had the break out I’ve been waiting for. Playing 60% of the snaps and ty mont likely just got himself cut so only up from here.

I think your team benefits from the depth and you already got the goat Thielen on your squad so should be gucci.

Although I bet you could maybe push for a bit more and still get that.

I like your points, so you would make this deal if you were me?

I’d absolutely make this deal.

Basically would reiterate everything that @MikeMeUpp said… although I don’t think Evans is super qb dependent so he’ll be fine regardless of his is under center.

Tyreek just strained his groin which is going to keep him out at least 1-2 weeks, and then he has a late season bye on top of that.

I think Jones is at least an RB2 ROS with him way out-producing the other RBs and finally getting the clear 1st string role. Also Sony is RB 1 material when he returns easy.

Awesome I think I’m leaning towards accepting it, just curious you wouldn’t be to worried about my RBs losing Zeke?

Would you consider this offer too, Thielen and Zeke for Aaron jones/Sony/Antonio brown?

I’d do both offers.

Yeah I’d take the deal.

I actually like this offer too. AB + Reek > Thielen + Evans imo.

Which would you prefer personally?! Keep in mind Tyreek may be out a week or two maybe more

Which would you prefer personally?! Keep in mind Tyreek may be out a week or two maybe more what you think Ben!?

Oh that’s true he has the groin thing. Depends on your propensity for risk tolerance. If you locked in playoffs and want better upside, I think AB/Reek gives you that. If you want safer combo, than Evans/Thielen is fine too. Just up your pref tbh.