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Mike Evans Trade


Would you trade Mike Evans for Demaryius Thomas and Freeman/Hunt?


For sure Thomas and Hunt.

How are your other backs/wrs?


its a 2 rb and 3 w/t league no flex. full ppr
i have gurley coleman forte cohen ellington and mack for rbs. WR are evans garcon pryor :frowning: walker ammendola fuller


mmm maybe not. Coleman is a good PPR back. Id stick with Evans since no flex.


I had the same thought but think I can flip one of those two backs to a better rb2 and solid wr1/2


see if you can work out a verbal trade of maybe thomas/cohen or garcon/cohen for a wr upgrade with another team before making this trade, if that makes sense. the value in this trade is good and i love hunt, but it kills your WR group if you dont make another trade to go with it