Mike Evans Trades?

Evans for Gallup?
Evans for Kupp or any other Rams WR?

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Do you have Evans and you’re shopping him? Just a little unclear on the question

If you can get Evans for Kupp I’d take that in a heart beat


I know this is someone else’s thread but would you guys do Fitz/Dissly for Mike Evans/ Greg Olsen? My other tight end is Austin hooper

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Im shopping Evans

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you could definitely swing for Kupp but that probably won’t happen. Can always ask though!

I would shoot for Gallup if you really want to trade him. Personally i just traded Rodgers for Evans as i think better times are ahead for him.

Definitely not for Gallup. The new Kellen Clemons offense is too volatile
Definitely yes for Kupp. On paper Evans has the easier schedule. But Kupp is the model of consistency and #1 on a great offense. TB is awful with an over rated, non dynamic head coach

What about TY or Kenny G?
I offered him for Kenny G. If that gets declined I’ll keep him and trust in EVans…

Was offered Evans for my Julian Edelman…what do you guys think

I think Im just going to stick with Evans.