Mike evans worth it?

Give: Mark Andrews and Mclaurin

Take: Mike evans.

My team:
TE: Andrews, Waller
Wr: juju, cooks, Boyd, Golden, Mclaurin Sanders, diggs
Rb: cmc, Coleman, Edmonds, Sanders, singletary

Their team:
Rb: Henry, cook, David Johnson, Latavius, Ronald Jones
Wr: evans, Cooper, Gallup, dj Moore, Auden
TE: Graham, Walker.

Yes! If you’re worried about Evan’s numbers, i believe he has about the same about of targets as Godwin and hes a top 5 wr right now.

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yea I’m not too worried about his production. He’s out there all the time and it’s just waiting to have his streak of td catches

I agree. Evans is worth that but I wonder if you might be able to switch McLaurin with one of ur other WRs. The other team needs a TE so I might try to package Waller with Boyd or Tate. At the very least, try to negotiate a bit bc there are a few combinations on ur squad (other than my 1st suggestion) that the other team might bite on, especially if they are down on Evans.

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Agree it’s worth it! He’ll be frustrating but that’s Jameis and Arians for you. I have him too but top 5 potential giving up a te and a bad teams no1 is worth it. Especially since you have another top 5 te

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