Mike for Dez

In a dynasty league, Is it worth trading Dez Bryant for Mike Williams??? I also have Travis Benjamin too.

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Yes, do it quick before the other team changes it’s mind


is this redraft… keeper… dynasty?

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I think this is somewhat team specific. Are you looking to contend this year or rebuilding? I would want Williams on a rebuild. Dez, despite not having a job, is tempting for a contender.

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In dynasty I make that trade immediately. Part of the fun of FF is taking the big risk, I like Williams opportunity. It may not pan out perfectly this year, but I like the long term value.

That being said, I currently own Kevin White and Laquon Treadwell on my dynasty roster… sometimes these first round WRs don’t pan out.


QB. P.Mahomes
QB. A.Dalton
RB. L.McCoy
RB. D.Lewis
RB. Duke Johnson
RB. C. Thompson
RB. M.Davis
RB. I.Crowell
RB. T.J.Yeldon
RB. T.Montgomery
WR. W.Fuller
WR. TY.Hilton
WR. R.Grant
WR. D.Bryant
WR. M.Sanu
WR. T.Benjamin
WR. K.Stills
WR. T.Pryor
WR. K.Wright
TE. J.Cooks
TE. T.Higbee

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I would want Williams on this roster. Thanks for posting!


I would do this deal ASAP! Before the drugs he’s on wear off.

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Do it, Dez may not even get a team.