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Mike Gillislee for Mark Ingram


Hey guys. I was offered Mike Gillislee for Mark Ingram straight up in a PPR league this morning. I think Gillislee could be a great touchdown guy but Ingram is safer. My running backs are Devonta Freeman, Jay Ajai, Terrance West, Mark Ingram, and Jaquizz Rogers. What do you think?


Tough one based on your roster.

I don’t think it’s possible for Sean Payton to ignore AP again as much as he did in week 1, so I see his touches going up from here. Which means Ingram will likely see a few less. That team also looks terrible and will be forced to throw a lot.

I have Gilly in almost every league. I don’t WANT to start him, but he is a confident fill-in if there’s an injury or bye. And remember, lagarette blount scored 9,000 TDs last year and he’s terrible. Gilly is a supreme talent in comparison.

I THINK I take the trade with the hopes of getting upside points when I do play him. But you won’t be able to rely on West or Jacquizz after week 3 or 4, so it is super risky.


Why do you think I wouldn’t be able to rely on west? You think buck Allen will take over or just a game script thing? Thanks for your input by the way.


Because I’m a dummy and forgot Dixon was out for the entire year and not just a chunk.

Either way, Gilly has more upside to me. And I do think Buck Allen will get plenty of snaps and BAL’s game scripts will be slow and plodding.

I take the trade if I’m you. But plenty will disagree.


Anyone else have any thoughts?