Mike Williams available

Worth dropping John Brown, Keenan Cole or Chris Hogan and picking up Mike Williams?

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I would drop Hogan for Mike Williams

I’m wondering the same. i have cole and Williams and Boyd are out there. Cole is at least a #1 but man Jax doesn’t seem to throw it much.

I would take Williams over Hogan for sure. Hogan would be completely worthless had he not have the two TD game week before last. He’s not going to get any better either with Edelman returning.

dump hogan

As everyone else here has advised…I’m D–O--N–E----DONE, DONE, DONE with Hogan, and dropped him to snag Williams off the Wire this morning. Even if N.E. gets anything figured out or straightened out anytime soon, with Edelman coming back I’m not sitting back twiddling my thumbs with Hogan any longer.
Williams has already put himself in River’s back pocket as one of his first “go-to-guys”, ESPECIALLY in a scramble, and with his size, he’s definitely one that’s making his presence known.