Mike Williams for 2020 1st/3rd

Hey all. In a dynasty PPR I’ve been offered a 2020 1st/3rd (projected mid-late) for Mike Williams.
I think I should take it because it’s PPR and don’t see Williams targets going up that much (Tyrell only had 60ish targets and Henry is back), but need some reassurance.

Edit: also a SF league.

Who are your other wide receivers?

Hopkins, Robby Anderson, Pettis, Davis.
My team is probably a bubble playoff team right now. Mostly interested in the trade from a straight value standpoint.
Also should’ve mentioned it’s SF, so the first will be deeper talent wise than normal.

That’s a tough choice. Mike is young with a ton of upside. There will be a lot of RB talent coming out next year. If you need rbs go for it. If not stay with Mike.


tough… I think Williams value is still depressed slightly because of the lack of targets, but his ceiling is super high, and his floor is pretty safe thanks to his red zone work.

I’d probably lean towards keeping him myself… he’s only 24 years old and is entering his 3rd season in the league… he’s a prime breakout candidate and has the kind of ceiling that most of this current draft class is lacking.

Keep him or ask for a lot more