Mike Williams or Keelan cole

Should I drop mike Williams for Keelan Cole? .5 ppr


Keelan Cole is the #1 in Jacksonville.

I’d rather have Keelan Cole. Honestly, I don’t think can deny his talent/ability anymore. It’s just a matter of match-ups and whether or not bortles shows up.

I was down on Keelan after week one… but man did he ball out yesterday! Pick him up!

Cole passes the eye test and on the stat sheet his last six regular season games. It made me feel really good to hear him called a ‘must start’ going forward on the podcast today. I don’t know if I would just plug and play him but he is going to be going in more often than not moving forward as a player looking to get out from under Baldwin.

Agree with you. I wouldn’t go so far as to call him a must start every week, I still think matchup matters but I think he’s going to be very productive for the majority of the season.

Any update on Moncrief’s knee?

This. Word for word.