Mike Williams or Rob Kelley?

My current WRs and RBs are:

WR: obj, julio, michael thomas, k. stills
RB: mixon, l. miller, kerryon johnson, dion lewis

obviously im not hurting at WR but theres always the chance of injury to one of my studs. Im leaning towards dropping Rob for Williams.

Any thoughts?

Tough but i think i’d hold Kelly for a week or two and see how this backfield shakes out in season. You’re loaded at WR and thin at RB so if you can hold Kelly for a couple of weeks and see what you have i’d do it. Worst case week 1 he gets hardly any touches and you can drop if AP, Thompson, Perine whoever are not available for someone else or best case he performs well and you have a starting RB to plug and play until (if) Kerryon breaks out. I think Williams will be good this year and is a fine pick up but all your guys are healthy and unless Allen goes down he will still be limited for the Chargers, i’d hold Kelly. I’m doing the same as i had to put Guice on the IR just to see what i have

They just signed Peterson and I believe in Williams. If you end up hurting at RB later in the season you can just trade a wr and not skip a beat.

thanks for the analyses fellas. I think I’ll take my chances with Williams, that Washington backfield is so muddled that there’s no telling who, if anyone, will emerge as the top dog. And even though Im stacked at WR im 1 injury away from losing my 3-headed monster so I think Williams makes a nice insurance policy