Mike Williams or Tyler Boyd

Who would you take and why. Also would Kennan Allen missing any time with the ankle injury sway your decision at all.

both are the WR2’s for their team, both have plenty of potential. so it comes down to the finer details on this one.

williams is my answer, but its not by a lot. he has a more clear path to being a WR1 (not saying he will be one, he just has the chance) with his O being a top 10, plus injuries around him. if he gets into the 80 reception range, i wouldnt be surprised to see him hit 12K+ in yards, and 10+ in TDs again.

boyd has a lot to worry about. new coaches, busted QBs, bad o line… everything is just negative around him for production. but opportunity is king, and he will get those chances. and he himself is a good player. but too many risks vs reward for me to say him over williams.

I’d go with Boyd. He’ll get lots of shots especially second when the WR1 returns. It would seem like it would be the opposite but it won’t since he will be drawing the top CB for a few weeks which struggled with in the same scenario last year. If he’s drawing the lesser CB he does much better.

Williams. Better offense by a mile. Allen may miss time. Gordon situation. Rivers chucks it a lot. Bengals are gonna run Mixon to the ground. I like Boyd too though.

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