Mike Williams Or Tyler Boyd?

Does anyone have a good feeling about Mike Williams? None of my WR choices feel good this week - Gallup, Woods, Juju, Boyd and Gordon.

I would have to drop someone and it would most likely be Boyd.

Most of the pundits are predicting Williams to finally break out this week and are recommending sitting Boyd. I think I agree with them here.

Right now I wouldn’t be starting Boyd. I would be most likely starting Gallup and Woods/Juju.

What I am really wondering is does dropping Boyd for Williams make sense.

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I don’t think so, Boyd has a QB he’s not quite accustomed to yet, and possibly AJ will be back to take away targets.

I’m playing Crowder over Boyd this week. Honestly thinking of cutting Boyd or McLaurin for either Pascal or Devante Parker (or both :grimacing:)